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Benefits of Cloud Server or VPS on Cloud

Cloud Server or VPS on Cloud     Nine Web is the first to provide Cloud Web Hosting in Thailand since 2011. The main benefit is for our existing clients to use new technology at no additional cost and to provide new clients with newer and better hosting at the same cost of traditional hosting. With Cloud technology, our web hosting has been faster and more reliable than ever. Our infrastructure has also been easier to manage and reduce unnecessary resource consumption.

    Our Cloud system is running on the most reliable environment consisting of hardware from Dell and Sun with networking hardware from Cisco. The entire network is managed by INET, the most reputable ISP in Thailand with redundancy links to domestic and international gateways.

    Our support team are qualified IT staff in computer engineering or computer science to give you help with deeper background. The management team is also a strong point as they have been working in IT industry for over 20 years from the US, Australia and Thailand.

Cloud has a very LARGE Resource Pool

    Traditional VPS is limited to only shared resource such as CPU, Memory, Storage on a single server. With Cloud, this limitation no longer exists as Cloud combines resources from all servers as if it is a single large machine.

    Cloud will distribute workload across servers evenly and reduce I/O usage on disk to memory which there is a lot on Cloud. The result is websites are working faster on average.

Zero down-time from hardware issues

    VPS usually faces some down-time issues no matter how good it is, because its hardware is running as a stand-alone server. Whenever a small part gets in trouble, the entire system will go down or degrade such as harddisk, power supply, memory, etc. That will effect everyone running on that piece of hardware or everyone on the network if it is a problem from a network device.

    When Cloud replaces the old VPS system, all these issues are gone with High Availability (HA) technology; which has a real-time monitoring system to monitor hardware and operating system. If something is not right, the Cloud will automatically reboot or migrate the machine to a working server in just seconds.

Redundant network

    Another concern in old VPS system is that most of the network paths rely on just a single Ethernet line. In contrary, Cloud infrastructure is built with redundancy on every network point. Thus, Cloud networking is more reliable and faster in Cloud server than traditional VPS.

Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)

    DRS monitors and makes decision in moving machines around the Cloud; it also doing the same for Cloud storage. DRS will try to balance workload and disk I/O across physical servers in the Cloud. For example, there are 3 servers with workload of 40%, 30% and 20%. DRS will detect the workload difference and try to migrate some machines from the first server to the third server to make each of the server has 30% load.

    DRS also manage Cloud storage by monitoring latency and space on all datastores. If anything is over a defined threshold , DRS will migrate some data to different datastores.

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