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Domain Name Registration

    Nine Web is an authorized registration service provider for registering over 70 TLDs such as .COM .NET .ORG .TH .BIZ .INFO .MOBI .PRO .ASIA .EU .CO and many more. Since 2000, we have been registered tens of thousands domain names for customers around the world.

    We also register domains for many country-code such as .US .CN .HK .JP .PH .KH .IN .TV .WS and many more which we can help you processing the registration with those countries. The process may take some time in some countries due to their restrictions.

Authorized by OpenSRS to register domains such as .COM .NET .ORG .BIZ .INFO etc. Authorized to register .TH domain

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Authorized reseller of DirectI Nine Web registers domains via ICANN-accreditted registrars

What is a domain name? Why it has to be registered?

    Domain name (or domain in short) is a name used to call an internet brand such as a website name; it is comparable to a brand name for products such as Dell, IBM, Nine Web, etc. It should be easy to remember so customers can open up your website or send you an email easily without wasting their time. Domain names, such as or cannot be duplicated. There is only one in the world. So, if you plan to do something, better hurry to register a domain name first.

Why should I register a domain name with Nine Web?

1. The domain is yours 100% Many crooks register your domain under their name. By the time you know it, you may already lost that domain. As Nine Web is an authorized registration service provider (RSP) to register domain from Tucows (OpenSRS) and DirectI which are certified by ICANN (Manage domain name system globally). Nine Web is also authorized by THNIC for Thai domains (.TH).

2. Web-based control panel You can manage your domain from our web control panel 24x7.

3. Automatic expiration warning Our system will send out several warning emails when your domain is close to expiration to help you keeping your valuable domain name.

4. Instant registration Your domain will be active almost immediately after we finish the process. No need to wait for hours before you can use it.

5. FREE domain! In case you decide to use our web hosting service on yearly basis, you are entitled to free domain name and also additional hosting discount!!!

Domain Registration Pricing

    Below is a pricing table for some popular domain names. There are a lot more extensions which you can contact us for more details.

TLDs New registration
(Baht/year) VAT 7% included
(Baht/year) VAT 7% included
.COM 480 480
ภาษาไทย.COM 500 500
.NET 535 535
.ORG 535 535
.CO.TH   .OR.TH   .AC.TH
856 856
.IN.TH 428 428
.ASIA 550 550
.BIZ 590 590
.BZ 1000 1000
.CC 800 800
.CN 1400 1400
.EU 400 400
.IN 700 700
.CO.IN 400 400
.INFO 428 428
.MOBI 800 800
.NAME 400 400
.TV 1250 1250
.US 400 400
.WS 450 450
Other TLDs Call 0-2722-9080 or mail to

* All prices includes VAT 7%
* Domain transfer requires a 1-year renewal
* Domains can be registered for upto 10 years

Before registering a domain name, please read the following documents; they are important. Once you have registered the domain, you are bound to these policy and agreement.

Questions about domain registration

Domain Name FAQ Domain naming rules
Domain Name FAQ Required documents for registration
Domain Name FAQ How to choose domain name extension (TLD)?
Domain Name FAQ What is difference between Tucows and DirectI Registrar?
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Domain Name Regulations Domain naming rules

  1. Domain Name must contains only letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and hyphen (-).
  2. Domain Name must have at least 2 characters but no more than 67 characters (including .com, .net, .org, etc.). For .th, domain name must contains no loger than 24 characters.
  3. Cannot use special characters (! @ # $ % ^ & ฿ * ( ) + | / <> , ' ? " [ ] { } _) as part of the domain name.
  4. Hyphen (-) can be use but not an Underscore (_).
  5. Hyphen (-) cannot be put at the start nor the end of the domain name.
  6. Domain name cannot contain a space.
  7. Domain name is case-insensitive; a and A are equal
  8. Domain name must be available and not be registered by anyone.
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Documents required to register domain Required documents for registration

  1. You are not required to provide any document when registering domain name under .com, .net, .org, and many top-level TLDs. We only need your name and contact details such as address, telephone number and email address.

  2. When registering domain name under .TH, these documents are required:

    • For .CO.TH :
      • Company Limited / Limited Partnership's Registration Document (Thor-Khor-0401) or
      • Company Limited / Limited Partnership's Certification Paper or
      • VAT Registration Document (Por-Por-20) or
      • VAT Modification Request Paper (Por-Por-09) or
      • Overseas Commercial Permission Document (Thor-Khor-0506) (In case the registrant is a foreign company which has local representative office in Thailand) or
      • In case of registering ".CO.TH" as trademark, the registrant must provide a certification of trademark registration issued by the Department of Intellectual Property (Thailand).

    • For .NET.TH :
      • Three categories of the licenses for operating telecommunication business assigned in Telecommunication Business Act B.E. 2544 (2001)

    • For .IN.TH :
      • Register on behalf of an organization
        • Company Limited / Limited Partnership's Registration Document (Thor-Khor-0401) or
        • VAT Registration Document (Por-Por-20) or
        • Other documents which are issued by Thai Government)
      • Register on behalf of an individual
        • Administrative contact's ID card or
        • Driving license or
        • Thailand work permit license

    • For .OR.TH :
      • A paper which contains committee, permanent address in Thailand and purposes of the registrant and
      • A paper to approve establishment of the registrant in Thailand by a well-known organization

    • For .GO.TH :
      • A letter which informs intention to register a domain name, including domain naming, to the CIO of upper level unit (ministry or department level) is required for each registration request.

    • .ac.thFor .AC.TH :
      • An authorized paper of college/school establishment with authorized signature and seal
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How to choose domain name type How to choose domain name extension (TLD)?

    Top-Level-Domain such as .com, .net are a group of generic domain names which have been categorized to increase the convenience of memorability when use. As a result, you are recommended to register domain name which matches with its purposes:

  • .com (commercial organizations)
  • .biz (business use)
  • .net (network infrastructures)
  • .info (informational sites)
  • .org (organizations)
  • .edu (educational institutes)
  • .asia (asia-pacific organizations)

The following are domain name extensions used in Thailand:

  • (commercial entities registered in Thailand)
  • (academic institutes in Thailand)
  • (Thailand government agencies)
  • (Non-profit organizations in Thailand)
  • (Individuals or any other purposes)
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Registrar difference What is the differences between Tucows and DirectI Registrar?

    Registrar is a company accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to help registering and assigning domain names internationally. These days, there are many accredited registrars around the world and Nine Web opted the best registrars which have a very high reputation and experience.

    Two registrars we chose are Tucows (Open SRS) and DirectI (Direct Information). Both of them has its own management system which is very friendly to the registrant users. Domain names can be registered in such a short period of time and the process of registration is very efficient and reliable. The differences between the two registrars are that Tucows is a registrar from Canada who has been accredited by ICANN for a very long time ago since the emerging era of the internet. On the other hand, DirectI is a registrar from India which has been accredited later but has such a high reputation speading all over the world. With its easy management control panel, the service process is very fast and the cost is lower. You can choose to register your domain name with either registrars. It depends on your self-satisfaction rather than the quality because they are up there at the same level.

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