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Cloud server / Virtual Private Server or VPS on Cloud

Cloud server, Virtual Private Server or VPS on Cloud      Cloud server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) are the same thing except that Cloud server is a VPS running on Cloud technology. VPS is a logical method in dividing Cloud space into pieces; each of which is allocated to a client as if it was his own physical server. Each VPS is running within its own boundary; its own CPU, Memory and Disk space. With Cloud technology, VPS can be running on any physical server that can guarantee maximum performance for that VPS. VPS can be moving around from one physical server to another server to balance the load in the Cloud. This technology ensures that your VPS will always be as fast as it can be.

    Cloud server or VPS is suitable for businesses or individuals who require special configuration and higher performance but do not want to purchase and manage their own expensive hardware. VPS can do all the work as if it is your own hardware except for some cases where exclusive piece of hardware is needed.

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Cloud server / VPS packages

These are some standard packages, but we can customize per your requirements. Contact us if you need anything not available below.

Package VPS-25GB VPS-50GB VPS-100GB VPS-200GB
Monthly fee (Baht) 1500.- 2500.- 4000.- 5500.-
Setup fee (Baht) 1500.-
Cloud storage 25 GB 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Operating System Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Linux distributions : CentOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, Red Hat, SUSE, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu , etc
Microsoft SPLA license fee 500.- ( Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2012) for Standard Edition
Memory 512 MB 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB
Data Transfer 1000 GB 2000 GB 3000 GB 4000 GB
Bandwidth 60 Gbps domestic bandwidth / 1 Mbps international in/out bandwidth
IP Address 1 (additional IP : 200 Baht/month)

Receive 5% discount for 6-month or 10% discount for 12-month or 15% discount for 24-month. Not applicable with other promotions.

Upgrade options

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                                                SSD  {{ SSD.value }} GB

                                                 Linux Windows
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What are the advantages of Cloud server / VPS?

    Cloud server or VPS Hosting is an economical option to dedicated server while providing the performance at the same level. You do not have to invest in hardware and management. Upgrading is also as easy as you can imagine while security is not degraded at all compared to a physical hardware.

VPS Hosting can be classified as a service positioning between Web Hosting and Dedicated Server. If you need your own server and do not plan to have your own hardware, VPS hosting is the best option. VPS is also inexpensive but providing flexibility and customizabilty at the level of physical server.

Benefits of Cloud server/VPS Hosting are:

1. Economy - Buying a powerful server may cost too much or a decent server might not be enough for future growth. With VPS hosting, you only pay for what you really need and upgrade it at any time without spending anything upfront. Many clients have found that investing in VPS is very econimical compared to a hardware solution. In fact, VPS cost is also close to some large web hosting plan, but VPS can give you a lot more.
2. Security - Cloud server / VPS has better security than regular web hosting where a server is shared with multiple sites. Cloud server / VPS allows you to customize security configuration yourself to suit your security policy.
3. Flexibility - Performance of Cloud server / VPS Hosting is comparable to a dedicated server especially its flexibility in giving you full control. You can control anything as if you have your own set of hardware without needing any help from someone.
4. Reliability - Being on your own server makes things under your full control. There is nothing other people can do to your VPS. No matter how many visitors are on your server; it will not have any problem.

Features of our Cloud server / VPS

Network Superior Network
Located at Internet Thailand (INET), one of the most modern IDC in Thailand
 view IDC diagram 
22Gbps domestic and 1Gbps international links to the US, Korea Japan and Singapore
Uncapped Bandwidth for extreme speed of your web site
Security First-class security
Hand scanner for entering IDC
CCTV with 24-hour security monitoring
24x7 Network monitoring
24x7 Support staff
Facility Facility and readiness
FM200 Fire suppression with gas, no liquid
High-precision temperature control with water and humidity detection
N+1 UPS and generator on 6th floor
Fiber optic links between 2 IDCs

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