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Reasons why you should choose web hosting service at Nine Web

There may be many in web hosting providers, but only a few has proved to be professional. With reputable service in hosting since 2000, Nine Web has been recognized as an exceptional provider who has many good things to offer.

We are the FIRST Cloud hosting provider in Thailand

    By keeping up with new technology all the time, we had an opportunity to study and test Cloud technology since 2010. Our first public Cloud is launched in March 2011 with customers migrated over from the old system.

    Cloud computing is a major shift in the IT industry, which pushes providers offering old hosting system to adapt their system to support Cloud technology. We are proud to be the first to offer this great opportunity to all our customers before anyone.

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Reliable, Fast, Unlimited transfer and Uncapped bandwidth network

Fast and Reliable Network     Our Cloud is located in Internet Thailand (INET) IDC which is the most reputable ISP in Thailand especially in networking. The backbone is connected to redundant links with 22Gbps domestic and 1Gbps International networks.

    Being an INET partner, we are able to connect our Cloud to their fast and reliable backbone which ensure our customers that their web sites are fast from everywhere in the world.

Unlimited Bandwidth     Another advantage of our network is no bandwidth cap both domestically and internationally. In opposed to several providers where network speed is fast only for domestic use; while visitors from abroad and international emails are at risk because of this bandwidth cap. We take into account the flexibility of our clients' business as the most important, losing one single mail or losting an unknown visitor may result in losing a life-time opportunity.

Our Cloud uses hardware from Dell, Sun and Cisco

Premium Servers and Network Equipments     We only use best and environment-friendly hardware such as servers from Dell (R610 and R710), Dell SAN storage (SAS drives only) and network switches from Cisco. We are confidence that our customers will be happy and our earth will always be green and clean for our future generations.

    We implement the Cloud system based on VMWare which is a leader in Cloud technology. Our Cloud can support upto around 80 different Operating Systems such as Microsoft Windows and majot Linux distributions such as CentOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, Red Hat, SUSE, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, etc.

    One important part in Cloud technology is storage; we use SAN storage solution from Dell which has redundancy and high performance. Each datastore is customized to suit specific requirements for application such as SQL database, Mail storage, Web server, etc. So, each single application will be running at its best.

Qualified support staff and experienced engineer

Prefessional Staff     We carefully select candidates with strong background in computer technology and experienced management. Our management staff had been working in IT industry with foreign and local enterprises for over 20 years. We also have special engineering staff supporting us from abroad to ensure that all new technologies will always be here for you.

    Our technical support team consists of computer-related graduates such as computer engineering and computer science which we believe that they can assist you in greater details even the problem is located outside of our responsibility.

Nine Web Co., Ltd. is a Thailand premier cloud service provider offering cloud web hosting, cloud server, cloud mail hosting, domain name, co-location, dedicated server, SSL, etc.
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