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Term of Use

    The Term and Service Agreement have been established to set up the conditions of "Service" between Nine Web Co., Ltd. or what called "Service Provider" and its customers who apply for a service with Nine Web Co., Ltd or "Client". Clients are automatically agreed to the Term of Service once they have applied for the service with Nine Web Co., Ltd. and the Term of Service will be used until the end of service.

Term of Services

1. Clients are not allowed to distribute, refer to, insult or take any actions which will be harmful to the Nation, Religion and the Royal Family.

2. Any actions taken by the Clients in all kinds of medium (eg. email and website), will be responsible by the Clients on all circumstances. The Service Provider is not involved and has no responsibility over those actions.

3. Clients must privately keep all the passwords which have been given by a Service Provider. This is to prevent all the actions which could be done by the third party to access and do any harmful damages on Client accounts and/or the server as a whole. The Service Provider is not responsible for any lost or damage caused by lost or stolen password.

4. Clients are not allowed to send any kind of emails which consider as SPAM or send any emails to the reciepients without permission made by them. This includes all kind of emails which could be send from Client's email account or sent from the server as a fraud. Clients will have to take all the responsibility over their actions to the Service Provider and to the email's receipients. All the recovery charge will be paid by the Clients in all circumstances.

5. Clients are not allowed to store or distribute to the public all the information, image, sound, and message which consider to be improper, illegal, pornography, and no copyright permission files. This specially applies to mp3, wma file and all the illegal software where the extension of the file has been changed or compacted without license.

6. Clients are not allowed to attack, hack, send spams, damage or do any similarly actions to third party's pc or server. Whether the conduct has been successful or not successful, if there is any intention to do so, the Client will be responsible over his/her actions and the Service provided by Service Provider will be immediately cancelled.

7. Clients are fairly agreed not to use our system devices such as Hosting Space, Email space, Data Transfer Limit, Bandwidth, etc. to exceed their purchased service plan's space limit.

8. Clients are agreed not to overuse the service which would interfere all other customers and effect their accessibility. Also, Clients are agreed not to do something which breakdown the server and may cause some damages to other customers. Service Provider will be able to terminate the service at anytime without prior notice.

9. Service Provider is not responsible for all the back up data stored on our server or on Client's PC. It is Client's responsibility to frequently back up all their data and keep it in the saftest place.
In case the Clients need to make any change to the contact information of the domain name, web hosting service or email hosting service which requires password to authenticate, the Clients must perform the change themself, the Service Provider is not responsible for making any change.

10. Service Provider is not responsible for lost of data beyond Service Provider's backup policy. Service Provider is not responsible for the backed up data which is not backed up at the time the Clients need.

11. Service Provider is not responsible for lost of data on the Clients' computer and or any device. Clients are responsible for backing up their data.

12. Service Provider is not responsible for lost of emails which are classified as spam which appears inside mailboxes.

13. If Clients perform any action which is not comply with Service Provider's terms, Service Provider may suspend the service of the Clients and/or delete or modify any part of the service used by the Clients.

Payment Policy

14. Clients must lodge in the full amount of payment prior to the start of service period which indicates on the invoice.

15. If Client has not completed the payment before the due date, Service Provider may terminate the service without prior notice.

16. There will be no refund after the termination of all unlawful actions stated above and Client will not be able to sue or process any legal actions against the Service Provider.

17. Clients are responsible for remembering their service expiration dates and to request for invoice and/or receipt if the Clients do not receive the document. Service Provider is not responsible for lost of invoice and/or receipt sent by email and/or regular mail.

The Change of Agreement and Acceptance

18. The Term of Service could be change at anytime by Service Provider without prior notice.

19. Clients are currently accepted the agreement and will always accepted the change of agreement in the future.

20. Clients are allow to access this page of agreement at anytime. This will ensure that Clients have read and agreed to our lastest Term of Service agreement.

21. Service Provider has been acknowledged that all the Clients have read, understand and agreed to this agreement and the term of service before they register.

22. For agreements inherited by the Service Provider being a reseller to any company/organization, the Clients must also accept the agreements from those company/organization no matter what language the agreements are written.

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